Profile for Rocky Nevin

DataSea Information Storage and Access

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Past Visualization Projects

Screen shot of Fab-3D, the program which 'ran' the MicroUnity fab Screen shot of NED, the 'Neural Editor' which is a 3D visualization and analaysis tool written by Nevin
CIM "V.R." Neural Modeling

For online references, related to Neurobiology, click here .

Cultural Interests and Avocations

An interesting (?) reference to Nevin in his friend Norma Howe's novel "The Game of Life" .
Here is an excerpt from "The Game of Life"
by Ms. Howe:
"... Cairo feels as though she's the only one (besides her dog) with any sense at all -- until she meets a soul mate in the handsome and worldly-wise Rocky Nevin. ... Rocky's taking his time, but Cairo's certain he's worth the wait. ..."
"Rocky has a few thoughts of his own about life, and those gorgeous eyes of his seem to Cairo to make the meaning of life worth searching for."

I like it.